85 employees get Long Service Awards

The Eswatini Electricity Company (EEC) has recently honoured 85 of its long-serving employees, and about 11 of these have been with the company for 35 years.

The Royal Swazi Sun Convention Centre auditorium in Ezulwini came alive as the recipients of the 35-year-long service award were called up on stage to receive their trophies, certificates and other perks.

Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager Sifiso Dhlamini noted that diligent service to a company for three decades was an outstanding achievement.

Speaking on behalf of the recipients, Timothy Dladla said the reason they continued to work selflessly for EEC was because they always put God first.

“We have achieved this milestone because God has been leading us each and every day. We will continue to work with honour, knowing that God loves all of His children and always rewards them with blessings,” he said.

The longest serving employees also got a chance to take individual pictures with the Managing Director Meshack Kunene, who also received a 35-year service award about two years ago.

Part of the recipients of the EEC Long Service Awards.

EEC hosts prayer service for employees

The Eswatini Electricity Company (EEC) recently hosted a prayer service for its employees and their families.

The three-hour session was held at the Royal Swazi Sun Convention Centre. It was flavoured by two powerful pastors, namely; Reverend Absalom Muntu Dlamini and Voice of the Church’s Managing Director Reverend Zacharia Mthethwa. All those in attendance appeared to have enjoyed the live gospel music rendered by Ndawonye Christ Worshippers.

“The prayer day is very important to our company because it’s a moment for all of us to be rejuvenated,” said Elizabeth Mabuza, who was the program director on the day.

Managing Director Meshack Kunene gave a brief history of how the prayer day started. He said at some point there were frequent deaths that resulted in management and the employees opting for divine intervention to counter the weird forces.

“Ever since we started this good custom the bereavements have dropped. Our company has a challenging mandate of keeping the lights on countrywide and it is essential that we pray at all times for good health and safety as we go about with our jobs,” he said.

Meanwhile Reverend Dlamini said every time the lights went off due to stormy weather he imagined that an EEC employee was out in the rain fixing the electricity for customers. He paid tribute to all the EEC employees for excellent service delivery.

“Attitude is very important as you go about doing your duties. We need to have the attitude of Jesus Christ in order to continuously excel in every area of our lives,” he said.

Dlamini also applauded the company for honouring its long-serving employees, noting that such recognition was therapeutic.

Reverend Mthethwa, on the other hand, preached about the importance of prayer and how it unlocked God’s power.

“In today’s event some of you will be recognised for 35 years of service and that is through the protection of God. Every morning you need to pray for the power of God. Never wake up and go out to work without submitting your day to God,” he counselled.

Chairman of the Organising Committee of the event Dabede Mamba thanked the employees and their families for spending the day in God’s presence. Also in attendance at the important prayer was Chairman of the EEC Board of Directors S'thofeni Ginindza as well as some executive and senior managers.

Part of the 35-year long serving employees at EEC.

EEC Management, employees and their families pictured at the Prayer Day event.

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