28 November, 2017

Be safe from electricity this Xmas – SEC MD

…as demand for new electricity connections rises to alarming levels

The Swaziland Electricity Company’s Managing Director Meshack Kunene has made a passionate plea to all his employees and customers to exercise safety precaution during this coming festive season.

Kunene said his company did not wish any person to be injured by electricity during the festive season and beyond. He appealed to all the SEC employees who work directly on the electrical network, equipment and all associated gear and instruments to take extra care when conducting their daily duties.

“We have, once again, reached that time of the year when the pace of activities within our company is increased due to additional demands. Ensuring a safe working environment remains our paramount consideration, hence the emphasis on strict adherence to our established safety standards and protocols,” he said.

Added Kunene; “As we’re all aware, the rainy season is marked by thunderstorms and severe lightning which result in major damages to equipment in the SEC network. Also at this time, the level of new connections is increased as customers wish to have access to electricity in their homes for the festive season.”

He predicted that the work volumes would require SEC to increase its speed to meet customer needs, and further warned; “I urge all of you to work safely so that we may have an accident-free season, which will be a great success for all of us.”

SEC initiated a ‘zero harm, zero death and zero tolerance’ campaign after a number of people and livestock became casualties of electricity-related incidents in the past. As part of the campaign, the company has made it a habit to visit all corners of the country to educate its customers about the dangers of electricity. It regularly hosts roadshows and live radio programmes during which it shares safety tips with members of the public.

Kunene expressed concern about the number of electricity-related incidents that normally occur around this time of the year. He emphasized that the incidents, some of which fatally affect both the SEC employees and members of the public, should not only be reduced but eliminated.

“Remember that electricity kills and, therefore, let’s take the necessary steps to protect our lives and those of others at all times,” he emphaised.

During every festive season, SEC becomes excessively busy with applications for new electricity connections mainly from customers who have received bonuses and those who are generally upgrading their light systems. Information gathered is that the high demand normally arises from Swazis based outside the country, who include mine-workers. Currently, the company has over 190 000 customers and they keep on increasing by about 15 000 every month.

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