Best of Earth Hour 2015

Earth hour 2015 saw hundreds of people #UsingTheirPower to help fight against climate change by switching off non-essential lights for an hour, in the process reducing the nation’s electricity consumption.

"Part of the guests during the Earth Hour commemoration"

"Part of the guests during the Earth Hour commemoration"

"Part of the guests during the Earth Hour commemoration"

"South African comedian Kagiso Lediga pictured in a performance during the Earth Hour"

Electricity consumption reduction:

The SHERQ department is pleased to report through the National Control Centre (NCC) that during the light-off initiative between 20:30hrs and 21:30hrs on the 28th of March 2015, the country reduced its electricity consumption by 14MW. This exceeded the set target of 10MW and was also an impressive increase from last year’s reduction of only 3MW during Earth Hour 2014.

Green team walk:

This year, SEC also took part in a walk organised by the Green Team (an environmental group from the University of Swaziland) on the day of the earth hour event. This walk, beginning from the RFM Nazarene Hospital to Jubilee Park, objected to raise awareness on climate change and its impacts, to promote the usage of alternative energy sources and to also clean up Manzini town.

Competition for the young:

To inspire the young, the heirs of this earth, to #UseTheirPower and fight against climate change, a competition was developed for children under the age of 18years to create poems, stories and drawings describing how climate change has affected earth/ their country and how they are using their power to fight against it. High quality of entries were submitted for the competition. These were grouped into three categories: Stories and poems, Drawings and posters as well as Creativity. Out of 148 entries, 18 winners from both primary and high school levels succeeded to be placed in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions under the said categories.

The SHERQ department would like to sincerely thank all who participated in the earth hour event at House on Fire as well as all who joined the movement and switched off non-essential lights during the hour. Everyone is encouraged to be an Earth ambassador and have a personal mandate to continually protect the earth that havens them.


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