Swaziland exceeds target, saves 26.8MW during Earth Hour

Collaborative efforts locally in the 2017 Earth Hour global initiative have seen Swaziland saving 18 percent electricity from a target of 10 percent.

Normal consumption for the country on Saturdays between 8:30p.m. and 9:30p.m. average 150 Megawatts (MW). A target of 15MW was set to be saved. Through the backing received from customers and partners, 26.8MW was saved, a record for the country since the first Earth Hour commemoration in 2011.

SEC and other supporting partners have reached far more people in sensitising the country about climate change and its effects.

Our Company and its esteemed partners extend a heartfelt gratitude to the entire Swazi nation for its significant role in fighting climate change.

We encourage every customer to live beyond the Earth Hour and continue to use electricity wisely among other sustainability efforts.


SEC MD Meshack Kunene (in lime) among government officials during the Earth Hour switch-off on 25th March, 2017

Why the concern on Climate Change issues

SEC has to constantly repair damaged infrastructure as a result of adverse weather conditions

SEC is aware that whilst executing its mandate there are environmental impacts that result from its operations. These environmental impacts are worsened by climate change impacts.

Over the past years, the company has been significantly impacted by climate change:

  • There has been no generation of power in all the generation plants due to water shortages in Swaziland’s water bodies.
  • Due to heavy rainfalls and extreme dry periods, critical reservoirs supplying main hydropower stations silted up and millions of Emalangeni were required for dredging projects.
  • Varying climatic conditions have not only affected SEC’s infrastructure, but have also affected the livelihoods of SEC employees.
  • The country has been a victim of sever climate change impacts, such as the recent Cyclone Dineo.

Climate change has affected the entire nation and is a global issue affecting the citizens of the world. It is because of such an unfortunate reality that SEC saw it necessary to join millions of companies and global citizens to commemorate Earth Hour, which seeks to address the impacts of climate change

Earth Hour is not about how much energy is saved during the hour, but about putting the spotlight on the issues facing the planet and inspiring people to live more sustainable.

Beyond Earth Hour

SEC is committed to the protection of the environment. It is also engaged in the minimisation of climate change impacts. There are various initiatives which the Company has undertaken. Approximately 80% of the households in Swaziland have prepaid metering. The company is also encouraging its customers to use electricity efficiently and is promoting the use of energy-saving bulbs CFLs or LEDs (Energy savers). SEC has conducting educational initiatives in schools, communities and companies and also giving out energy savers to various schools in the country (with partners), and the programme is still on-going.

SEC has also introduced the Time of Use Tariff for key customers, which allows them to save money by using electricity when it is cheapest. The Company believes that as a country we can contribute positively towards climate change by minimizing the electricity we use.

Earth Hour is an initiative undertaken by all electricity companies in the SADC region and the world-over in an effort to save the world from global warming and climate change effects. However, this initiative must go beyond the Earth Hour. It should be our way of life. We must be conscious of the fact that our electrical wastages have a significant negative impact on our planet hence we need to save energy.

Dr. Constance Matsebula and Khaya Mavuso creating awareness on climate change among pupils ahead of the Earth Hour commemoration on Saturday the 25th March.

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